kitchen in luxury home

Home Staging

Lighting is everything

Make sure to allow as much daylight in your home.  You want to have your home look as bright as possible which means opening the blinds or curtains, adding or replacing light fixtures, or replacing your light bulbs.  Also choose the right kind of paint, especially soft neutral paint colors since they reflect light.  Make sure to use an eggshell or satin sheen (never flat) for their light reflective value (LRV.)  Mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room and make the space appear exponentially larger than it actually is.  By creating a vignette or wall display of several small mirrors will reflect natural light during the day and sparkly artificial light at night.  Or placing a single large mirror perpendicular to a window will illuminate the entire area. 

Make sure to clean

If your home is cluttered, it can distract buyers form envisioning their space as their “own.”  If you’re selling your home this season, do a full decluttering and deep cleaning of each room (that includes catching those dust bunnies!)  The last remaining lights and blinds should be removed and cleaned. You’d be amazed how much the years of dust on bulbs and shades can reduce the light that filters through.  Make sure to take out the trash and clean the bathrooms daily.

Warm up the space

A good trick to selling your home is to make certain it’s as cozy as possible for potential home buyers when they’re walking though.  You can do several finer things such as “lighting” faux candles, create a warm environment with faux throws and fluffy pillows, and have refreshments set up.  

Don’t forget curb appeal!

Luxury house entrance porch with stone column trim. View of walkway with landscape

Make certain that the outside of your home looks appealing to potential homebuyers.  During winters, don’t forget to shovel a path to the front door along with the driveway.  It will give the impression that your home is easy to maintain.  Adding greenery during winter or flowers in summer adds a pop of color to your home even if it’s a cloudy day.  Replace your front door with a traditional nine light front door.  The higher the glass ratio of your door, more illumination filters into the foyer, dining room, and living room.  

Following these steps to staging your home will not only assist in selling your home but will also help you feel confident about the space.  Staging helps potential buyers picture themselves in the space, which means you’ll have an easier time selling.  Staged homes sell 5% better than unstaged homes, and sells approximately half of the listing time compared to cluttered homes. 

If you require further advice on staging, or require my assistance in any way, please contact me directly.  I’m always willing to assist!