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Is a Cozy Bedroom Needed?

With all the craziness in our society, your bedroom should be a haven which you can walk into and literally sigh with relief. My guilty pleasure is slipping into plush flannel sheets during a cold winter night topped with a fluffy down comforter which I can feel my stress melting away. We tend to be busy all day long and work like mad. Having a place to retreat is one of the most important elements of our well-being. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfort in their own space.

Does this following scenario describe you? A bedroom with piles of clothing spread everywhere, side tables stacked with books, newspaper, cups, and miscellaneous stuff, and the closet looking like the after effects of a tornado wreck. If this is a common scenario, then you have a potential space that disrupts your state of serenity. Having a bedroom in such a chaotic state can have a negative effect on your life. Our mind cannot live completely independent from our environment; which is why keeping the bedroom tidy, organized, and clean is significant. Here’s a list of guidelines to help you achieve a level of bliss in your bedroom.

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  1. Having an ideal mattress. There are many health benefits in getting your full 8 hours of sleep with a good mattress. You’ll need to consider who’s sharing the bed, size mattress needed, sleep preference of hot or cold, what comfort or support levels are needed. Research consumer reviews such as to narrow down type of mattress preferences. Pillow-top mattress are usually more expensive. If you can’t afford a pillow-top mattress, then you can just buy a separate pillow top and stick on your regular mattress.
  2. Obtain a headboard. The headboard enhances the overall aesthetic of a bedroom. Functionally, a headboard supports your bed, shields the bed from cold drafts, and protects the wall from scratching, scuffing, and staining. You can either make your own headboard through a DIY project or purchase a headboard. Some people fake a headboard by hanging a blanket, framed art or wallpaper. Window shutters, a block of plywood, or room dividers have also been used.
  3. Appropriate bedding materials and pillows. A preference for a firm pillow or a soft, marshmallow-like one largely depends on what type of sleeper you are (side, back, or stomach.) You’ll need to experiment to see what works best. The highest-quality, softest sheets use cotton with extra-long fibers that can be spun into fine, strong yarns. Certified long-staple cotton includes Egyptian, Pima, and Supima. Utilize two different comforters according to seasons of the year. Using a thicker (down or down alternative) comforter for winter months and a thinner or quilted version for summer months.
  4. Nightstands and furniture. Ideally you will need a surface for your lamp and other things that you’d like to have handy: clock, glass of water, photographs, and reading material. Having nightstands to match the habits of each sleeper provides ideal convenience and storage. Additional furniture such as dressers, armoires, and a chest provide additional storage for clothing and blankets. A side chair allows for reading, lounging, and unwinding before getting ready for bed.
  5. Soothing color palette. Calming hues can neutralize negative energy from a bad day and work well towards achieving a deep, restful sleep.  A soft neutral palette of pale blues, grays, and whites are a popular choice for master bedrooms.  Classic colors of taupe and cream are equally tranquil.  If darker colors, such as jewel tones, are preferred make certain to remain with a monochromatic color scheme.  Using light and dark shades of the same color creates interest but keeps the room from looking too cluttered or busy.
  6. Cozy up with window treatments.  Dressing your windows with soft drapes in velvet or linen give your bedroom a romantic look and can hide boring blinds and unflattering views outside.  For a consistent color palette, choose drapes to match your wall color.  The texture of your drapes and bedding will add enough visual interest so that you won’t need to add additional colors.  Having a completely dark bedroom is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so research on options of blackout curtains, cellular shades, roman shades, and roller window coverings.
  7. Create warmth through lighting.  Your ceiling light fixture should be set up with a dimmer so you can customize the amount of light you need.  Make sure to consider all uses of your bedroom so you have adequate light available for all activities. Ex: selecting clothes in closet, putting on jewelry by dresser, reading on chair, etc.  Lighting on or above your nightstand is important.  If your nightstands aren’t big enough for table lamps, then use swing arm lamps that can be attached to the wall.  The flexibility of swing arm lamps is perfect for reading in bed, too.
  8. Spruce up your space with rugs and textiles. Layer your rugs which makes the room appear ultra-chic and gives your feet a nice and squishy landing when you wake up.  According to Feng Shui beliefs, a rug slows down the energy that flows through the home.  A rug introduces a sense of calm into a space by slowing the energy.  Switch up your throw pillows and throw blankets with a punch of color during summer months and muted plush fabrics during colder seasons.
Cozy bedroom interior with knitted blanket and cushions
  1. Add life with plants and flowers.  Air purifying plants for bedroom can have an effect on the air as they absorb and trap lingering toxins (ex: formaldehyde from insulation/carpet backing, trichloroethylene from dry cleaning, and benzene from solvents/paints) and releases oxygen which makes the air cleaner for breathing.  Cut flowers brightens up the space and makes the space more pleasing to the eye.
  2. Hang artwork and mirrors. For major visual impact, lean a large mirror against one bedroom wall. The reflection will make the entire room look and feel larger. To make the most of natural light, place a mirror opposite a window in the bedroom. Try using a mirror or framed art in an unexpected place, like behind your nightstand for a look that adds interest without overwhelming.  Or you can go with a classic rule of hanging artwork or photography above the bed which adds a 3D element and creates an instant focal point. Don’t use family photos since they can hinder that “sexy bedroom” vibe. 

The internet is the first place that most of us start our search for decorating inspiration.  Visit Pinterest, HGTV, and DIY sites for ideas and color trends for your bedroom.  Look at websites for top hotels in big cities if you love a contemporary hotel style, or search for bed & breakfast inns for intimate and casual bedroom inspiration.  Most high-end hotels and inns are designed to be romantic and comfortable, so borrowing their look is an easy bedroom decorating hack.  Again, the goal is not to clutter up the bedroom with furniture, books, and clothes.  The more minimalistic the room appears; the mind will be calm for a good night’s sleep.

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